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This project enables SharePoint 2007 developers to deploy lookup fields (site columns which get their data from lists) as a feature.

The project consists of:-

- a .Net 2.0 project which contains a Feature Receiver class containing event handlers for when a SharePoint feature is activated/deactivated etc.
- a SharePoint solution (.wsp) which contains a SharePoint feature. This feature deploys the assembly which is the output from the project above, and is hooked up to the feature receiver class.

At feature activation, the event handler reads in values from an XML file (in CAML schema) for one or more site column (field) definitions. A value is included in the XML which specifies the list name that the column should refer to. The feature receiver code parses this, and uses the SharePoint object model to correctly set this reference by dynamically retrieving the list GUID.

See for more information.

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